Video is Spoiler!!!

A game made in a week for Prototype Studio class, at that class, we have a prompt every week, and we are asked to make a game within a week with that prompt. And that week's prompt is personal. My prompt is A game made in PICO-8

This is basically a roguelike infinite runner. I love the concept a lot and think this can be expanded to a more elaborate commercial product. In order to play the roguelike game, you only need to make a simple decision jumping or not. You can kill a monster to gain more experience or skip to the next stage and challenge for a faster level clear time. By the way, PICO-8 is really fun, you can do sprite, music, and program at the same time. Which is amazing, because I never get tired of making a game anymore, I would work on sprites for a little bit and work on a little bit music and back to code whenever I want.